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We explain what RPM files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your RPM files.Included in the database is a list of all files installed by RPM and which package they belong to.

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I will explain how to find what package a particular file belongs to on.

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With the right Linux software tools, it is easy to find to which package a file belongs.

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To check this, you need to get your actual.deb or.rpm file and verify it with: rpm -Vp openssh-2.1.1p4-1.i386.rpm.Making RPMs, part 1: The.spec file header. the.spec file is the configuration file for all the RPM operations concerning a single RPM. rpmproc belongs in the.Find out what package a file belongs to i.e. find what package owns.Or the opposite, what files are part of an installed package.

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Linux RPM Comamnd with 10 Useful Examples. Search RPM to which a File Belongs.

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You can also do this to find the RPM for an executable file of sort: rpm -q --whatprovides.

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Find out what locations the files from a specific RPM were installed to.